Efficiently collect, transform and consolidate sensitive data in full compliance

Whether you a government institute or commercial entity, data has become an invaluable source to advance your research and business. Often this involves sensitive identifiable data which is justly protected from abuse by regulatory frameworks.
Pseudonymisation under control of a Trusted Third Party (TTP) is a solution for those who want to collect, share and process data in an ethically sound and compliant way.

An efficient approach …

Thanks to our 14 years of experience with data collection, we have established an efficient way to setup your data collection platform. Our uniform approach guarantees timely setup of a trustworthy data collection platform.

    1. Privacy Impact analysis
      Don’t be fooled, data privacy is so much more than stripping a few identifiers… A short analysis helps us to reconcile your operational needs with data privacy regulation. 
    2. Solution Design
      We then design a solution, including a technical solution, business processes and necessary documentation for local DPAs, ethics committees, etc. needed to pass external or internal approval processes.
    3. Build
      Once approved, we setup your data collection platform based on our standard solutions.
    4. Operate & Maintain
      In no time you will be collecting data without worries.

… based on standard solutions …

Thanks to our standard anonymisation and de-identification platform we can setup your data collection project in an efficient way, ensuring short lead-times at an affordable budget.

… adapted to your needs

Out of the box doesn’t mean one size fits all. Our solutions support a broad feature set covering all common TTP data collection processes, such as:

    • Two-step pseudonymisation
    • Reversible or irreversible pseudonymisation
    • Support for a controlled Re-identification process (Reversible pseudonymisation)
    • Automated de-identification of various data formats, including CSV, XML, HL7, DICOM, …


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Don’t be fooled, there is more to pseudonymisation and de-identification than just removing identifiers. Our experts will help you determine what measures to take, what risk is involved and design a data protection framework covering all necessary technical , procedural and legal aspects.