Patient Identity Management System

PIMS is a versatile platform for patient record linkage and management of patient identifiers, pseudonyms and biological material IDs originating from different data sources.

Identity Management for Research

    • PIMS is the perfect solution for taking care of all aspects of pseudonym management encountered when working with research data.
    • PIMS assigns pseudonyms (cryptographically calculated, or using a user-defined scheme) to patients and references to biological material.
    • PIMS can assign different pseudonyms to a single data subject in different research cohorts and keeps track of this.
    • PIMS supports controlled re-identification of data subjects (where possible depending on pseudonymisation scheme) and cross-domain linkage of identities.
    • PIMS supports issuing patient contact request to designated caregivers of data subjects.
    • PIMS Supports patient opt-out (exclusion from the linkage process).

Record Linkage

A configurable matching engine allows linking records representing the same real world patient, hereby compensating for incomplete or differently structured information. Fuzzy matching rules allow dealing with various types of data entry errors (typos, misspelling, ocr scanning, ...).

PIMS incorporates probabilistic and rule-based matching engines that are fully configurable. This allows compensating for data source-specific characteristics and allows to fit project-specific business rules and preferences.

PIMS & CATS a match made in heaven

When used together, PIMS and CATS provide a complete solution for enabling secure secondary use of data. CATS is then used for de-identification of dataset, while PIMS takes care of issuing and managing pseudonyms.


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    • Pseudonym generation & management (TTP building block, clinical trial IDs)
    • Research dataset management (secondary use)
    • Real world data linkage
    • Master Patient Index (MPI)
    • Administrative record linkage

ISO/TS 25237:2008 Health informatics pseudonimization compliant


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PIMS Pseudonym Provider

Linking data subjects without storage of identifiers. Typical use of PIMS as a provider (and tracking system) of pseudonyms.

PIMS Record Linkage

When identity can be stored by the PIMS system, one has access to a powerful record linkage system, supporting both rules based an probabilistic linking of demographic information. In this configuration, PIMS can be used a Master Patient Index (MPI).